Emily Pleadwell

    Virtual Meet & Greet

    I am available to schedule a personal one-on-one with you to answer any questions you may have about Florida Tech. Sign up for an appointment by clicking on a date in the calendar and complete the form. Our meetings will be via video chat, and please note all times are in Eastern Standard Time.

    If you prefer, you can call me at (321) 674-7581, text me at (321) 339-0701, or email epleadwell@fit.edu.  I look forward to meeting with you.

    emily pleadwell

    My hometown:
    Lawrence, Michigan
    Favorite snack
    Guacamole, gummy bears, & Bugles

    Interesting fact
    I've played every brass instrument except trombone
    My alma mater
    Manchester University

    My major in college
    English with minors in Math, French, & TESOL
    International Admission Counselor


    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled